spooning up a carpet stain Did you know that a spoon is the tool of choice to start removing a carpet stain?

Well, there’s several other steps but preparation is key so here’s a quick review of carpet care:

Stain Removal Guide

The four-step system of stain removal

Regular carpet care is important if you want to enjoy your carpet for many years to come. Regular vacuum cleaning is recommended at least twice per week during normal wear; this helps ensure rich, radiant colours and prevents loose dirt becoming embedded. If possible, use a brush vacuum cleaner or one with a brush attachment because, with these, even embedded dirt can be removed without trouble. However, if staining should occur please follow the four-step system below.

STEP 1  Remove loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Dried-in substances should first be carefully removed with a spoon or the back of a knife, then simply brushed or vacuumed out. If liquid, blot up as much as possible with absorbent white cloth or paper immediately.

STEP 2  Treat the stain with lukewarm water. Blot up the liquid with absorbent white cloth of paper. Do not use washing-up liquid or washing powder as areas treated with these substances tend to attract dirt more quickly.

STEP 3  For stains that cannot be removed with water, it is advisable to use a commercial carpet shampoo.

STEP 4  If you are unable to remove the stain completely after following the first three steps, you should try the use of a stain remover. Make sure that the carpet is dry before this treatment, using only commercial stain removers with organic solvents. To avoid any subsequent discolouration, pre-test the stain remover at an inconspicuous place first.

Please always follow the directions for use and dab the remover on with a clean cloth – never apply it direct.

If the stain still has not disappeared at the end of this four-step procedure, please contact our Helpline without delay.

Scotchgard™ Protector
Stain Removal Made Easy – A General Guide –

Here is a selection of the most common stains that can be removed from your carpet with suitable cleaning agents.

If your carpet or rug is pre-treated with Scotchgard™ protector and if you enjoy our 7 year warranty, you are invited to reach one of our professionals through our Warranty green line – our Green line number is reported in your warranty card -. Our professional will be pleased to complete the herebelow information and he will send you the appropriate cleaning agent to remove your stains:

(Please ref to end of page to find out the appropriate cleaning agent as per the letter mentioned next to the stain.)

Scotchgard™ List of stains covered by our Scotchgard™ Protector 7 Year Stain Protection WarrantyList of stains excluded from this warranty

Apple juice f            Adhesive h

Beer f            Ballpoint pen ink d

Brandy d, g            Bituminous adhesive h

Butter b            Blood a, f

Cherry juice b, fCar grease h

Chocolate g            Chewing gum c

Cocoa g            Coal g

Coffee g            Dispersion paint d

Cola f            Felt tip marker ink d

Cream b            Floor polish b

Desserts b, f            Furniture polish d

Egg b, f            Glue h

Fruit g            Grass g

Fruit juice f            Ink d, f

Honey a, f            Lipstick g

Jam b, f            Nail varnish d

Ketchup a, f            Neoprene adhesive h

Lacquer d            One-sided adhesive d

Liqueur g            Paint d

Margarine b            Resin e

Mayonnaise b            Shoe polish b, d, f

Milk, canned a, f            Soot f

Red wine d, g            Stamping ink d, f

Sauce b, a, f            Synthetic resin

Soft drinks g            Tar h, d

Spirits d, f            Urine g

Sugar (soak with water) a, f            Varnish e

Tea d, f            Wax (take up with blotting paper and electric iron)

Vegetable oil b, c, d

White wine d, g

  • a – Pre-treat with water
  • b – First absorb stain, then allow cleaning agent to act
  • c – Allow cleaning agent to act for several minutes
  • d – Treat repeatedly with cleaning agent
  • e – Treat stains with stain removing spray
  • f – Give repeated follow-up treatment with water and dab with paper towel
  • g – Give follow-up treatment with cloth soaked in water
  • h – Treat first with stain removing spray, then give follow-up treatment with cleaning agent

Ask at your retailer about a suitable cleaning agent for carpets.

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