Vacation Request


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Please submit this form for approval at least two weeks in advance of your preferred vacation dates. Vacation approval to be approved by owner or Vacation Manager (Jordan).

Vacation / Time-Off Dates Requested

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Before submitting this form, have you: #1 verbally informed the owner/team-members, #2 entered your vacation / time-off dates as #tentative# on Google Calendar Appts (E-Town Flooring)? If time off has been approved the owner will email you confirmation and remove the #tentative# tag from the calendar appointment and move it to the vacation calendar.


Elizabethtown Flooring recognizes that some time away from work is essential to the well-being of its employees. We have developed leave policies to cover medical and personal situations. In addition, we have established a policy of accrued vacation days and holidays. Any additional requests for time off will be considered on an individual basis and must be discussed with the owner. Requests for time off or changes in schedule must be requested at least two weeks in advance of the planned change.


Elizabethtown Flooring provides the following paid (6) Holidays for all full-time Employees:

  • New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

Paid holiday time and Personal Days are not considered as work time, for the purpose of computing overtime.


Vacation time is earned by employees. This paid time off is available to all full-time employees, provided that they have complied with all company policies and met their responsibilities as set forth in this handbook. Employees wishing to make use of annual accrued vacation time must request the time off at least two weeks in advance. Paid time off must be approved by the owner by filling out a Vacation Request Form at No more than one (1) week of vacation may be taken at once without the owner’s permission. No two employees may take their vacation during the same week. In the event of a vacation scheduling conflict, length of service with the Company will generally be the deciding factor.

Employee vacation days are accrued as follows:

  • After your first 6 months as a full-time employee, you receive — 1 week paid vacation time (42hours)
  • After 6 additional months as a full-time employee, you receive — 1 week paid vacation time (42hours)

After a full year of employment, your vacation will be accrued to follow the calendar year. Therefore:

  • After 12 months as a full-time employee, you receive — 2 weeks paid vacation time to be used within the next 12 months (84hours) and 2 weeks (84 hours) every year after the 2nd year of employment

Vacation days are earned within one year, and must be taken within that same year. They cannot be accrued for use in future years. If a paid holiday falls within your scheduled vacation, it will not be counted as a vacation day. Pay for vacation time will be at the employee’s regular rate of pay. Requests for additional non-paid time off will be considered on an individual basis, with advanced notice. Full time employees are those that work on average 42hrs/week or more consistently.

Sick (Personal) Days

Salaried employees receive two paid sick days (16 hours) per calendar year. Hourly employees and part- time employees do not receive sick time. Sick days are to be used for specific use and cannot be added to vacation. Sick days are to be used for personal illness or family illness, as well as medical or dental appointments. They may be used for emergencies without notice. If you must be absent from work, you must call the owner prior to taking off, so that work schedules may be adjusted accordingly. If you must leave work unexpectedly, you must also inform the owner. Any sick days over two days / year can be made up or deducted from vacation time. Pay for sick time will be at the employee’s regular rate of pay.


We will make every effort to accommodate the needs of bereaved family members, and will grant employees three (3) paid days off for a death in the immediate family. For purposes of this policy, immediate family members will include: spouse, parent, child, and sibling.

Jury Duty

Elizabethtown Flooring supports your participation in this important civic duty. If you are summoned for jury duty, you will be excused for the time required. Employees that are required to serve will be paid the difference between their regular pay and the amount they receive from the court for up to ten days per year. Any time past the ten day period will be considered a leave of absence. Employees are expected to do whatever they can to make sure that this absence does not jeopardize our Company’s business. If you are called to jury duty, you must inform your supervisor within 48 hours of receiving the jury summons. You must present a copy of any summons or subpoena to the business office. When you are not needed in court, you will be expected to report to work.

Weather-Related Closings

In the event of severe weather, Elizabethtown Flooring may be closed. You will be expected to call the Company to find out if we are closed. Unless notified, you will be expected to report for work whenever scheduled.